Abbey Bominable is a daughter of the Yetis.

Abbey Bominable
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Abbey is known as the tough ghoul at Monster High. She is fierce, confident and often headstrong. Some people believe she has an icy personality, but once you warm up to her, she's fun to hang out with. Her coldness may be partially due to the fact that English is her second language, and she has trouble telling when people are joking and when they are not.

Abbey, though quite tough, can be very easy-going once you make your presence known. Her references to her old culture are quite present in her speech, and are a hit or miss in awkward situations.

Her voice is very deep, and seems to have a very different accent to the other ghouls.


Abbey has light blue skin accentuated with a sort of glittering effect, and long, white hair with uneven streaks of pink, purple and blue mixed in [made to look like they start as pink and blue on the edges and mix in the middle as purple].She has two small tusks protruding from her mouth, and has large hands with sharp claws. Height-wise, Abbey is larger than most of the main cast, even in doll form. She always wears an ice crystal necklace to keep her direct environment at a suitable temperature for her.


Her FamilyEdit

Both of her parents are Yetis. She has a great uncle named Frostovitch, who suffers from weak bones and grandmother and a cousin in Himalayas.


Her best friends are Lagoona Blue and Frankie Stein.


Heath Burns likes her but she didn't develop her feelings for him yet.


Being a daughter of the Yetis, she has the super strength and with her magical necklace, she can shoot ice ray.


  • Her favorite subject is "Math".
  • She speaks with a Russian accent.
  • She can speak Nepalese and Tibetan.
  • She is the only one in school who can beat Raph in arm-wrestling.
  • Donnie thinks it is very weird that her name is not Hindi, Tibetan or Nepalese. Due to that Abbey's came from the place that don't have much contact with the outside world. And it's getting weirder, when he found out she's speaking in Russian accent.