Anton Zeck or also known as Bebop is a bounty hunter and an enemy of the Turtles. 

Anton Zeck/Bebop
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Fifth Age
Sixth 20s


He normally talks in rap and body movements. He also tends to show how slick he is when he steals and enters areas where he is supposed to steal something.


As a human: Bebop has a Tron-like suit. He has a purple visor and mohawk. He is also really skinny. 

As Anton Zeck

As a mutant: Bebop looks pretty much the same. But he is now a mutant warthog and wears a vest. His left tusk seems to be shorter than the right one.


He is equipped with a range of high-tech gizmos such as a cloaking device, an energy Mohawk and a backpack that can allow him to slide up or down a wall. His invisibility suit is charged by two double-A batteries. He even carries a tub of glue with him to stop his enemies in their tracks. He even carries shurikens that can explode into to my microchips.

His skills of being a master-thief is impeccable, stealing high-guarded helms, monuments, and other historical pieces are a piece of cake for this man.


  • He is the reason why Steranko has only one eye.
  • After the Kraang invasion of New York, he is the only henchman that Steranko got.
  • He is the first bad guy who hate the name that given by Mikey.
  • He is a bit gentleman.