Dimension X
Dimension X
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First Unknown
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Third Unknown
Other attributes
Fourth {
Fifth Atmosphere
Sixth Sulfur mixed with Nitrogen

Dimension X is the home dimension of The Kraang. The laws of physics there are different from Earth. Also, the air on Dimension X is filling with poisonous gas that is nitrogen mixed with sulfur and water that has hydrocarbons that can melt everything in the Dimension of Earth. The Kraang's ultimate goal is to transform the Earth so that the atmosphere is identical that of Dimension X. Thus, making it habitable to them and deadly to any other forms of life. There are also some dangerous animals that live in Dimension X like the Kraathatrogon and Rocktopus.




  • Kraang's bases
  • Floating Islands
    • Crystal Forests
  • Asteroids


  • The air and water of Dimension X was based from water and air of the largest Moon of Saturn, Titan.
  • 90% of life forms in Dimension X might be non-water based of life, except of the Kraang and Kraathatrogon.
  • Time passes faster in Dimension X.
  • There are no any Suns or Moons in Dimension X.
  • There are no any forms of source of water in Dimension X.
    • It is still unknown why the water in Dimension X are dangerous if none exist.
  • There're no any kind of plants in Dimension X.
    • The crystals might be the equivalent version of plants in Dimension X. Due to the Kraang mutated the tree into the crystal.
  • The source of light in Dimension X is still stay as mystery.