Ivan Steranko or also known as Rocksteady is a Russian arms dealer and an enemy of the Turtles.

Ivan Steranko/Rocksteady
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Steranko is a a large, muscular man with a thick Russian accent. He describes himself and the Shredder as "old friend". His most distinguishing feature is that he seems to be missing his right eye, having replaced it with a diamond studded prosthetic.


As Steranko: Steranko wears a black suit with shoulder pads with spikes on it, a black undershirt, a red tie, an Ushanka with a yellow star on it, and on his fists two knuckles (With the Soviet Russian symbol on them) He is blonde-haired and has a diamond eye, as well as several scars on his face. 
Ivan Steranko

As Ivan Steranko

As Rocksteady: Rocksteady wears a green tank top, brown bandoliers and camouflage pants.


He don't have much of fighting skills. He is just using the ordinary of fighting with support of a hammer and a sickle.


  • After he got mutated, the eye that Anton had shot at a long time ago had become cured again.
  • He mentions that his brother, Boltak Steranko, was a better hunter than him.
  • He likes his nickname that was given by Mikey.
    • He is the first bad guy who like the nickname that given by Mikey.