Xever Montes/Fishface is a leader of the street gang called the Purple Dragons and also a member of the Foot Clan that got mutated into an ugly Koi Fish-like.

Xever Montes/Fishface
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Fifth Age
Sixth 20s


He is kind of nasty and have a bad attitude one. He loves when he got work of Bradford to do instead of him.


As XeverEdit

He is a skinny young man Brazilian with Efro and black skin.

As FishfaceEdit

He is a mutated ugly Koi Fish-like with robotic legs and an external water-breathing rig.


He was once a thief and can do many 'thief skills'. After got mutated, he can swim faster and have to fight and walk with his robotic legs and have the bigger knives to use along with a laser gun. He also have fangs to use for bite and these fangs are venomous.


  • He hates Raphael but not enough to let the other finish him instead.
  • He has a chip on his left fang.
  • He was born in Brazil.